Solder Materials

Solder Materials

The LOCTITE Multicore solder materials product portfolio delivers the most advanced solder technology for increasingly challenging applications.

With market-leading lead-free solder pastes, tin-lead formulations for traditional and crossover manufacturing, flux solutions for dual wave and lead-free processes, cored solder wire and solid solder wire, LOCTITE Multicore brand solders provide a comprehensive solution for modern SMT manufacturing operations.

Solders and Soldering
The Henkel line of LOCTITE Multicore solder materials includes SMT solder pastes, PoP Solder Pastes, Die Attach Solder Pastes, fluxes for a variety of soldering applications including PoP Tacky Fluxes and PoP Epoxy Fluxes, and Cored Solder Wire.

Solder Fluxes
Henkel has formulated a variety of no-clean, VOC-free and water wash flux systems that address multiple soldering applications including fluxes for waver soldering and tacky flux technology to address the challenges of PoP production.

Die Attach Solder Pastes
Henkel’s line of LOCTITE Multicore die attach solder pastes offer robust options for application-specific thermal requirements and overcome many of the issues historically associated with alternative products such as silver (Ag)-based die attach adhesives and solder wire. The robust nature of the flux formulas designed into our die attach solder pastes provide manufacturers with the flexibility to alter alloys based on process requirements.

Solder Wires
The fluxes in Henkel’s unique solder wire products have been formulated to accommodate a wide variety of different alloys and diameters. LOCTITE Multicore cored wires support both traditional tin-lead manufacturing, as well as modern Pb-free processes, including point-to-point robotic soldering.

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Video: Soldering Solutions
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