Solder Accessories

Solder Accessories

Uniting metal objects without heating them to the melting point is a delicate and sometimes difficult process. The tools that allow manufacturers to achieve success with this process must be high quality and versatile in order to address multiple applications. With a variety of Multicore® products developed to optimize the use of our solder and flux solutions, Henkel’s line of solder accessories covers the entire range of requirements.

Solder Masks
Henkel’s Multicore Spot-On™ solder mask is a temporary solder used with circuit boards prior to soldering. This important solder accessory is suitable for use with hand or pneumatic applications.

Mini- Cleaners Remove Solder Paste
Multicore mini-cleaner solder accessories are designed to effectively remove all types of solder paste, solder flux and soldering process residues.  These cleaners can also be used for stencil and hand cleaning.  Multicore MCF800™ offers a high flash point, which makes it perfect for use in heated cleaning systems, while Multicore® SC01 offers fast evaporation and rapid drying.

Henkel’s flux pen mini-fluxers are controlled-release solder flux applicators that come in a range of  compatible flux types. The pens are  ideal for SMT rework because they allow for controlled applications.

Tip Tinners
While non-abrasive, Multicore lead-free tip tinners are capable of easily wetting hot solder irons, improving hand-soldering efficiency and extending tip life.

Multicore wicks are available in a range of widths.

Find Out More About Solder Accessories
For more information about Henkel’s  Multicore solder accessories, as well as our solder paste and solder flux products, view our Solder Accessories Electronics Catalog.