New Sensor Solutions from Henkel
                                        Experience the Difference of High-Performance Materials

Henkel is the world’s leading adhesives company. But, did you know that our low pressure molding, conformal coating, solder, sealing and potting materials are also delivering huge advantages for multiple sensor applications? Come see us at booth #700 at the 2014 Sensors & Expo Conference and find out how to raise the bar on your sensor products’ performance and reliability.

Henkel’s latest materials innovations on show will include:

TECHNOMELT Low-pressure Molding Materials – Three new formulations for a variety of applications. Talk to our experts about the latest UV-stabilized clear, white and chemical-resistant TECHNOMELT materials. Enjoy the advantages of ease-of-use, fast cure times, single-material processing and the ability to accommodate sensitive components and circuitry.
90iSC High Reliability alloy and LOCTITE HF 212 Halogen-Free Flux System – A combination that offers superior solder interconnect reliability for the most demanding applications.
LOCTITE Conformal Coatings — Protect printed circuit boards and advanced substrates from thermal shock, moisture, corrosive liquids and other adverse environmental conditions. With exceptionally fast cure capability and 100% solvent-free formulations, Henkel’s conformal coatings provide fast processing and environmental responsibility.
LOCTITE Sealing Materials — Silicone-based sealing materials offer precise and reliable safeguarding of sensitive electronics against the damaging effects of moisture, while also improving thermal cycling performance.
LOCTITE Potting Materials — Potting formulas provide excellent adhesion strength to all surface types and are electrically insulating and thermally stable with a broad operating temperature range. Applications such as insulation of electronic components, protection of electronic control modules in automotive and defense/aerospace devices, and environmental safeguarding of consumer electronics like LED sign boards are all made more reliable with Henkel’s potting and encapsulation materials.

Meet the Henkel team, talk to our technical specialists and find out what Henkel materials can do for sensor performance and reliability.