Bond-Ply 800

Bond-Ply® 800 is a thermally conductive, electrically isolation double-sided tape. Bond-Ply® 800 is utilized in lighting applications that require thermal transfer and electric isolation. High bond strengths obtained at ambient temperature lead to significant processing cost savings in labor, materials and throughput due to the elimination of mechanical fasteners and high temperature curing.

Your Benefits

  • Thermal impedance: 0.60°C-in²/W (@50 psi)
  • High bond strength to most epoxies and metals
  • Double-sided, pressure sensitive adhesive tape
  • High performance, thermally conductive acrylic adhesive
  • More cost-effective than heat-cure adhesive, screw mounting or clip mounting


  • Mount LED assembly to troffer housing
  • Mount LED assembly to heat sink
  • Mount heat spreader onto power converter PCB or onto motor control PCB
  • Mount heat sink to BGA graphic processor or drive processor
Bond-Ply 800 Downloads

RoHS Certificate
Halogen Testing Report
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