Gap Pad 3500ULM

Gap Pad® 3500ULM (ultra low-modulus) is an extremely soft gap filling material rated at a thermal conductivity of 3.5 W/m-K. The material offers exceptional thermal performance at low pressures due to a unique 3.5 W/m-K filler package and ultra-low modulus resin formulation. The enhanced material is well suited for high performance applications requiring extremely low assembly stress. Gap Pad® 3500ULM maintains a conformable nature that allows for excellent interfacing and wet-out characteristics, even to surfaces with high roughness and/or topography.

Gap Pad® 3500ULM is offered with and without fiberglass and has higher natural inherent tack on one side of the material, eliminating the need for thermally-impeding adhesive layers. The top side has minimal tack for ease of handling. Gap Pad® 3500ULM is supplied with protective liners on both sides.

Your Benefits

  • Thermal conductivity: 3.5 W/m-k
  • Highly conformable and maintains structure integrity with extremely low compression stress
  • Fiberglass reinforced for puncture, shear and tear resistance
  • Non-fiberglass option for reduced stress required in application


  • Consumer electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • ASICs and DSPs
  • PC applications
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