Gap Pad 3004SF

Gap Pad® 3004SF is high performance, 3.0 W/m-K, thermally conductive gap filling material. Gap Pad® 3004SF is silicone-free by design and offers exceptionally low interfacial resistances to adjacent surfaces. Gap Pad® 3004SF is designed for applications that are silicone-sensitive. Gap Pad® 3004SF is constructed using a 0.25 mil PET film that provides a no tack surface on one side and natural tack on the other side.

Your Benefits

  • Thermal Conductivity: 3.0 W/m-K
  • Silicone-free formulation
  • 0.25 mil PET provides easy disassembly, leaving no residue
  • Tacky side allows for ease of handling and Placement


  • Hard disk drives
  • HDD case to tray
  • HDD/SSD combination drives
  • Automotive electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Solar energy
  • Optical components
  • LED lighting
  • Laser optics
Gap Pad 3004SF Downloads

Selection Guide
RoHS Certificate
Halogen Testing Report

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