Liqui Bond SA 3505

Liqui-Bond® SA 3505 is a higher performance, thermally conductive, liquid adhesive. This material is supplied as a two-part material and requires no refrigeration.

The mixed material cures at elevated temperatures. As cured, Liqui-Bond® SA 3505 provides a strong bonding, form-in-place elastomer. The material's mild elastic properties assist in relieving CTE stresses during thermal cycling.

Liquid dispensed thermal materials offer infinitie thickenss variations and impart little to no stress on sensitive components during assembly. Liqui-Bond® SA 3505 is available with optional glass spacer beads to provide a consistent bond line and ensure dielectric integrity.

Your Benefits

  • Thermal Conductivity: 3.5 W/m-K
  • Eliminates need for mechanical fasteners
  • Room Temperature Storage
  • Maintains structural bond in severe-environment applications
  • Heat cure


  • Power supplies
  • Discrete component to heat spreader
  • PCBA to housing
Liqui-Bond SA 3505 Downloads

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Halogen Testing Report
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Applications Electrically Conductive Thermal Materials