Hi-Flow 300G

Hi-Flow 300G consists of a thermally conductive 55°C phase change compound coated on a fiberglass web. Hi-Flow 300G is designed as a thermal interface material between a computer processor and a heat sink. Above the phase change temperature, Hi-Flow 300G wets-out the thermal interface surfaces and flows to produce low thermal impedance.The material requires pressure of the assembly to cause flow. Hi-Flow 300G will resist running or dripping

Application Methods
1. Hand-apply to 40°-50°C heat sink.The heat sink is heated in an oven or by a heat gun to between 40°-50°C allowing the Hi-Flow 300G pad to be applied like an adhesive pad.The heat sink is cooled to room temperature and packaged.

2. Hand-apply to 20°-35°C heat sink. Hi-Flow 300G can be applied to a room temperature heat sink with the assistance of a foam roller. The pad is positioned on the heat sink and a hand roller is used to apply pressure of 30 psi.

3. Automated equipment with 30 psi pressure. A pick-and-place automated dispensing unit can be used to apply Hi-Flow 300G to a room temperature heat sink.The placement head should have a soft silicone rubber pad, and apply 30 psi pressure to the pad on transfer to the 20-35°C heat sink.

Your Benefits

  • Thermal impedance: 0.20°C-in²/W (@25 psi)
  • Resists running or dripping
  • Phase change compound coated on a fiberglass carrier


  • Computer and peripherals
  • As a thermal interface where bare die is exposed and needs to be heat sinked
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