Gap Filler 1100 SF (Two Part)

Gap Filler 1100SF is the thermal solution for silicone-sensitive applications. The material is supplied as a two-part component curing at room or elevated temperatures. The material exhibits low modulus properties then cures to a soft, flexible elastomer, helping reduce thermal cycling stresses during operation and virtually eliminating stress during assembly of low-stress applications.

The two components are colored to assist as a mix indicator (1:1 by volume). The mixed system will cure at ambient temperature. Unlike cured thermal pad materials, the liquid approach offers infinite thickness variations with little or no stress during assembly displacement. Gap Filler 1100SF, although exhibiting some natural tack characteristics, is not intended for use in thermal interface applications requiring a mechanical structural bond.

Gap Filler 1100SF can be mixed and dispensed using dual-tube cartridge packs with static mixers and manual or pneumatic gun or high volume mixing and dispensing equipment (application of heat may be used to reduce viscosity).

Your Benefits

  • Thermal Conductivity: 1.1 W/m-k
  • No silicone outgassing or extraction
  • Ultra-conforming, designed for fragile and low-stress applications
  • Ambient and accelerated cure schedules
  • 100% solids – no cure by-products


  • Silicone-sensitive optic components
  • Silicone-sensitive electronics
  • Filling various gaps between heat-generating devices to heat sinks and housing
  • Mechanical switching relay
  • Hard disk assemblies
  • Dielectric for bare-leaded devices
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