Gap Pad VO Ultra Soft Black

Gap Pad VO Ultra Soft-B is recommended for applications that require a minimum amount of pressure on components. The viscoelastic nature of the material also gives excellent low-stress vibration dampening and shock absorbing characteristics. Gap Pad VO Ultra Soft-B is an electrically isolating material, which allows its use in applications requiring isolation between heat sinks and high-voltage, bare-leaded devices.

Your Benefits

  • Thermal conductivity: 1.0 W/m-K
  • Highly conformable, low hardness
  • Gel-like modulus
  • Decreased strain
  • Puncture, shear and tear resistant
  • Electrically isolating


  • Various IC Packages
  • Thermally enhanced BGA packages
  • Between any heat-generating semiconductor and a heat sink
  • Computers and peripherals
  • Telecommunications
  • Power conversion
  • Automotive
  • LED lighting packages
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