Thermal Clad Metal Core PCB’s (MCPCB’s) minimize thermal impedance and conduct heat more effectively than standard printed wiring boards (PWB's).These substrates are more mechanically robust than thick-film ceramic and direct bond copper construction.

Thermal Clad is a cost-effective solution which can eliminate components, allow for simplified designs, smaller devices and an overall less complicated production process. Additional benefits of Thermal Clad include lower operating temperatures, resulting in longer component life and increased durability.

The technology of Thermal Clad resides in the dielectric.This datasheet highlights the performance characteristics of Thermal Clad HT 6 mils (High Temperature) a dielectric resistant to degradation from high temperature exposure and features even higher dielectric breakdown characteristics than its 3 mil counterpart. This dielectric is proven in applications such as LED, Power Conversion, Heat-Rails, Solid State Relays and Motor Drives.

Your Benefits

  • Very low thermal resistance of 0.11°Cin²/W (0.71°Ccm²/W)
  • High thermal conductivity of 4.1 W/m-K
  • High temperature applications
  • Lead-free solder compatible
  • Eutectic AuSn compatible
  • RoHS compliant and environmentally green
  • Available on all aluminum and copper metal substrates


  • High watt-density applications where achieving low thermal resistance is required
  • Power conversion
  • Heat-rails
  • Solid state relays
  • Motor drives
  • LED applications
  • Solar receivers