Eccobond CE3103 is primarily designed for bonding polycarbonate to itself while not inducing stress cracking under typical molded stress levels. Eccobond CE3103 cures rapidly to form flexible, transparent bonds when exposed to ultraviolet light and/or visible light of sufficient irradiance and has shown excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including glass, many plastics and most metals. The thixotropic nature of Eccobond CE3103 reduces the migration of liquid product after application to the substrate.

Applications Heat Cure
Other - Flexible
Cure Schedule Temperature (°C) (Step 1) 125
Cure Schedule Time (Step 1) 5 min.
Cure Type Heat Cure
Key Characteristics Conductivity: Electrically Conductive
Number of Components 1 Part
Pot Life Temperature (°C) 25
Pot Life Temperature (°F) 77
Pot Life Time 3 days
Shelf Life Time 6 mon.
Substrates Metal: Tin, Metal: Tin/Lead
Volume Resistivity (Ohm cm) 0.0007