HYSOL® ES1901™ is a fast-setting, toughened, medium viscosity, industrial grade epoxy adhesive. Once mixed, the two-component epoxy cures at room temperature with low shrinkage and forms an ultra clear bondline with excellent peel resistance.

Applications Epoxy Based
Potting & Encapsulating - Electronics
Color Clear
Cure Schedule Temperature (°C) (Step 1) 65
Cure Schedule Time (Step 1) 60 min.
Cure Type Room Temperature Cure
Mix Ratio 100:105
Number of Components 2 Part
Pot Life Temperature (°C) 25
Pot Life Temperature (°F) 77
Pot Life Time 3 min.
Shore Hardness Durometer 55
Shore Hardness Scale D
Technology Epoxy
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) 0.2
Viscosity (Brookfield mPa.s (cP)) 2400
Viscosity Temperature (°C) 25
Viscosity Temperature (°F) 77