(Known as Hysol TRA-BOND FDA2 )

A thixotropic epoxy resin paste system specifically developed for medical device applications. It has been tested in accordance with USP biological reactivity tests in vivo and received Class VI approval.

Applications Cure Type
Cure Schedule Temperature (°C) (Step 1) 25
Cure Schedule Temperature (°F) (Step 1) 77
Cure Schedule Time (Step 1) 72 hr.
Cure Type Heat Cure, Room Temperature Cure
Number of Components 2 Part
Pot Life Temperature (°C) 25
Pot Life Temperature (°F) 77
Pot Life Time 4 hr.
Shelf Life Time 6 mon.
Viscosity (Brookfield mPa.s (cP)) 9000
Viscosity Temperature (°C) 25
Viscosity Temperature (°F) 77