Hysol STYCAST U2500

Stycast U2500 is an encapsulant designed for transformer, PCB's and other insulation applications. It allows complete impregnation of either small slightly wound coils or large castings.

Applications Urethane Encapsulants-Potting, Two Component
Color Amber
Cure Schedule Temperature (°C) (Step 1) 60
Cure Schedule Time (Step 1) 4 hr.
Cure Type Room Temperature Cure
Mix Ratio 100:7
Number of Components 2 Part
Pot Life Temperature (°C) 25
Pot Life Temperature (°F) 77
Pot Life Time 2 hr.
Shelf Life Time 6 mon.
Shore Hardness Durometer 72
Shore Hardness Scale A
Technology Urethane
Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 125
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) 0.5
Viscosity (Brookfield mPa.s (cP)) 5000
Viscosity Temperature (°C) 25
Viscosity Temperature (°F) 77