Thermal Management Materials Highlights

No matter what the preferred format, thermal conductivity requirement or base chemistry preference, Henkel’s Bergquist thermal materials portfolio has you covered. We pioneered the industry’s original soft, low-stress, compliant GAP PAD thermal interface materials and provide an expansive range of products that deliver robust and reliable thermal control. Form-in-place liquid dispensed GAP FILLERS in a variety of formulations allow for automation, improved throughput and robust thermal management for devices with challenging architectures. SIL-PAD thermally conductive insulators are an ideal alternative to mica, ceramics and greases. We offer a solution for all of your thermal management needs.

Gap-Pad HC 3.0 Gap-Pad HC 5.0 Gap-Pad VO Ultra Soft

Gap-Pad 1450 Gap-Pad 1500 Gap Filler 1400SL

Gap Filler 3500LV Gap Filler 1500LV Gap Filler 1500

Gap Filler 4000 Bond-Ply LMS-HD Bond-Ply 800

Liqui Bond SA2000 Sil-Pad 1200

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