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The Henkel line of circuit board protection materials such as conformal coating, sealant potting, and encapsulant solutions for PCB manufacturing is formulated to deliver both extraordinary environmental resistance with thermal cycling protection.

Since many applications expose PCBs to harsh environments, these attributes are critical to durability and performance. Henkel’s advanced circuit board conformal coating  potting and sealing materials ensure that PCBs are protected from thermal shock, moisture corrosive materials, and a variety of other adverse conditions to provide for long product life cycles in harsh marine, automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics applications.

PCB Design Innovators

Henkel strives to make every formulation top of the line, especially when it comes to environmental preservation. This is why Henkel has migrated to solvent-free, low-VOC materials and processes. 

The Importance of Reliable Circuit Board Protection
Billions of circuit boards are produced worldwide each year, and most will be subjected to considerable performance demands. PCBs mechanically support and connect electronic components using conductive pathways, tracks or signal traces. Since these connections must be reliable for circuit boards to function, protecting this sensitive circuitry is essential. 

As the leading developer and supplier of materials for PCB protection, Henkel has built an outstanding industry reputation for consistency, performance and technological innovation. 

A Solution for Every PCB Application

Choosing the best circuit board coating, potting or sealant protection depends on a variety of factors, from environment and design status to protection and weight requirements, and the necessity for rework, aftermarket modification or repair. 

Henkel offers innovative solutions for any type of circuit board protection, formulated to specific requirements. All Henkel materials have been designed for ease-of-use and are conveniently packaged for dispense operation. 

So when a buyer is looking for the best in quality, product protection, and eco-friendly printed circuit board protection, they need look no further than Henkel.

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Circuit Board Coatings Video
This brief video covers the PCB protection process.