Non-Conductive Adhesives

Non-Conductive Adhesives

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With decades of materials development expertise, Henkel offers a wide range of non-conductive adhesive products for challenging environments.

Non-conductive adhesives in the Henkel portfolio include a series of one- and two-part formulations with various curing methods including room temperature, thermal and UV curing for the ultimate in flexibility and performance.

Non-Conductive Paste Adhesives for Every Application

Non-conductive paste adhesives can be formulated to withstand thermal and physical stresses typically seen in electronic systems. Henkel’s non-conductive adhesives are the product of choice for several leading manufacturers in the defense, automotive, medical solar and consumer electronics industries.

Non-Conductive Flexible Adhesives

Henkel’s ECCOBOND line of non-conductive flexible epoxy adhesives includes solutions that offer high mechanical strength, stable contact resistance and high peel strength over a broad temperature range.

For UV Cure Applications

ECCOBOND UV9000 is a thixotropic, UV curing, solvent-resistant sealant for gold and plastic substrates. 

Non-Conductive General Adhesives
Henkel offers a wide range of general non-conductive adhesives from such trusted brands as ECCOBOND, ABLEBOND and STYCAST. Whether the objective is low thermal resistance, stress absorption, low viscosity or exceptional bonding to metal, glass, plastics and ceramics, there’s a product to meet the challenges of your manufacturing application.

Room Temperature Cure – Non-Conductive Adhesives

The TRA-BOND line of non-conductive, room temperature cure adhesives includes products specifically formulated for fiber-optic assembly and repair applications, medical device applications, and optical component bonding when alignment accuracy is essential. 

Two-Component Non-Conductive Adhesives

Henkel’s non-conductive, two-component adhesives include solvent-free formulations and low-viscosity solutions that change color during the mixing or curing process to indicate status.

More Electronic Adhesive Solutions

In addition to non-conductive adhesives, we also have a full line of electronic adhesives for a wide range of applications. Our electronics adhesives are formulated to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market, and demonstrate the company’s commitment to production efficiency and manufacturing excellence.

Find Out More About Non-Conductive Adhesives
Read more about our adhesives for electronics. For more information about Henkel’s non-conductive adhesives, download our Non-Conductive Adhesives Electronics Catalog.