Macromelt Low Pressure Molding Solutions

Macromelt…now Part of the Technomelt Brand

Henkel’s line of Macromelt products, now proudly marketed under the Technomelt brand, is widely recognized as an industry leader in low-pressure molding compounds.

These thermoplastic hotmelts use extremely low pressure to effectively encapsulate even the most delicate circuitry. Macromelt cycle time is fast and processing temperatures are a modest 130 to 240°C, with in-use temperatures ranging from  –40 to +140°C.  As compared to traditional potting and encapsulating processes, Macromelt is superior, offering short cycle times, low-pressure molding and maximum yield with minimal material waste.

Injection Molding
Assembled PCBs have to be protected from moisture, mechanical damage or harsh environments. Because Henkel’s Macromelt injection molding process is low-pressure, even the finest, most delicate circuitry can be encapsulated quickly without damage.

What is Injection Moulding?
The low-pressure injection moulding process (or molding process) is an innovation developed by Henkel that better protects electronic devices, shortens processing and curing times, and offers a more cost-effective method for moulding hotmelt adhesives.

Specifically, low-pressure molding is the process that lies between injection molding and potting. It is basically injection molding at very low pressures with hotmelt adhesives.  Henkel’s low-pressure injection molding process is a fast and simple, three-step process: insert electronics, overmold, and test.

Find Out More About Macromelt
For more information about Henkel’s Macromelt products and injection molding solutions, download our Technomelt Electronics Catalog.

Watch an Injection Molding Video
This brief video outlines the low-pressure injection molding process. View here.