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Low Pressure Injection Molding Technology

Low pressure molding is a faster and more efficient process compared to potting. The TECHONOMELT material forms a tight mold around electronics, using less raw material. Low pressure and low temperatures minimize exposure to sensitive electronics. It also eliminates the need for custom housing to contain the potting material.

The Benefits
Henkel's TECHNOMELT product range has many beneficial aspects for your manufacturing:

  • Reduced manufacturing steps
  • Reduced equipment and operations footprint
  • Reduced cycle time per part
  • Fewer machines
  • Fewer manufacturing lines
  • Low-viscosity materials allow for low injection pressures

How does it work? get more information in detail now:

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The Process

How does low pressure molding with TECHNOMELT work? It's really simple, because you are able to encapsulate your electronic products in only three steps:

1. Insert bare electronics into your predesigned mold set

2. TECHNOMELT encapsulates electronics at low pressure and temperatures

3. Test parts and move them to final assembly -- immediately after molding

Your Cost Savings

What does low pressure molding mean to your production costs? The answer: Fewer physical parts, lower equipment costs, reduced shipping costs and inventory levels, and many more. Use our cost calculator and see the savings for youself.

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