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LOCTITE HF 212 Halogen-Free Solder Paste

LOCTITE HF 212 Applications

Solder Paste for Medium and Large Board Assemblies
LOCTITE HF 212 is a halogen-free solder paste that withstands the thermal demands inherent with larger assemblies.  High reliability and a wide reflow process window are at the foundation of this material, ensuring its outstanding performance for the most demanding high value PCB applications.

Halogen Free 

  • Meets all current “Halogen-free” restrictions
  • No added Halogen
  • Halide-free: ROL0 classification in accordance to j-STD-004B
  • Compatible with existing halogen-free solutions


Ease of Application

  • Excellent wetting capabilities

Technology Printing and Reflow Advantages

  • Wide process window for printing and minimal slump
  • Fine pitch capability and reduction in solder bridging
  • Excellent abandon time and stencil life
  • Excellent humidity resistance
  • Excellent solderability on challenging surface finishes (includes CuNiZn and Copper OSP)
  • Improves fine pitch coalescence


Low Voiding

  • In CSP
  • On industry surface finishes: ENIG, Copper OSP, CuNiZn and Imm Ag
  • Increases solder joint reliability

LOCTITE HF 212: Additional Resources

High-Reliability Meets Pb-free and Halogen-Free

(201 KB)

While traditional SnAgCu (SAC) halide-free solder materials are suitable for many electronics assembly applications, some market sectors are having challenges incorporating these materials into devices and systems that will be subjected to harsh operating environments.


Solder Materials Solutions Guide

(1.29 MB)

Loctite Multicore solder materials offer high reliability, superior processability and advanced capability for almost any application.

(LT-6645 - 02/13)

HF 212 Engineering Manual

(2.41 MB)

A full product overview on HF 212 Solder Paste.


Loctite HF 212 Sell Sheet

(201 KB)

Halogen-free solder paste that withstands the thermal demands inherent with larger assemblies.

(LT-6647, 10/13)

High Reliability Pb-Free Solder Alloy Sell Sheet

(0.59 MB)

A breakthrough in solder alloy development, Henkel’s highly reliable, lead-free solder alloy, 90iSC, provides superior thermal cycling, thermal shock, vibration, creep resistance while maintaining solderability and void levels over traditional SAC and SnPb solder.

(LT-6649, 02/13)