Improved hot melt adhesives for Tetra Pak

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In more than 175 countries around the world Tetra Pak packaging for food and beverages is available. In 2014 alone, the company sold almost 180 billion packages for milk, juices and other mostly liquid food. For its packaging production Tetra Pak needs tailor-made adhesives that can be applied within the existing production plants and must meet the demands of food safety and adhesive velocity.

Together with Tetra Pak, Henkel developed a hot melt adhesive that meets the demands. Not only that: The innovative adhesives present an improved adhesive power, lowering consumption, reducing servicing costs and cutting the downtime of the production plant into half. The solution was customized based on Tetra Pak’s own requirements within its specific processes – all thanks to Henkel’s fully integrated customer service process known as the Value Generation Process (VGP). A team of Henkel experts assessed Tetra Pak’s current operating conditions and suggested improvement opportunities. The team then worked with the customer to optimize its processes, introduce a new standard operating procedure, and deliver value throughout this process. The result was a co-branded adhesive that Tetra Pak is now marketing to its customers.

Applications on drinks cartons

Thanks to the VGP, Tetra Pak is rolling out global adhesive solutions for its cartons’ caps, straws and secondary packaging, having tested and approved the adhesive according to the most stringent standards in the industry.

  • Up to 37 percent reduction in adhesive consumption
  • Usability within production plant
  • Reduced servicing costs and downtime periods