Special services

For numerous markets we offer services tailor made for the special requirements of the respective application area.

Bio Services

The Henkel center for dermatological product development conducts numerous tests with Henkel products.
Raw materials as well as finished products are tested with the help of a broad spectrum of machines for their tolerance on human skin.

Value calculator

At present the entire manufacturing process with each of its parameters (raw material consumption, machine time etc.) is analyzed in order to be able to calculate cost and to conclude how a process with Henkel products should be designed. Currently this tool is available for our brands Bonderite®, Macroplast® und Macromelt®.


Henkel is able to show customers how to reduce consumption of raw materials or reduce steps in the manufacturing process. In close cooperation with the customer’s experts, Henkel engineers can disassemble a finished product and reassemble it using Henkel Adhesives Technologies.
Throughout this process every single step is analyzed and documented in a detailed report. By doing so Henkel offers analysis that can help to uncover potential production advantages, improve cost structures and quality and of course the overall performance.

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