Our product management will assist you on your individual coating project. In our technical service centre we can test your web materials using different hotmelt coating technologies under practical conditions. The technical clarification of complex product solutions, taking all factors into account such as processing, end applications and our products, is our major strength.

If a product in our comprehensive product portfolio does not meet your requirements, our R&D team is in a position to develop a tailor-made product solution within a short time period.

Our R&D laboratory is equipped with state of the art PSA-measuring and test equipment to meet all actual industrial standards.

Technical customer support centre

State-of-the-art equipment is available at our in-house technical centre which allows you to try out application technologies under realistic conditions. Besides the conventional coating of different substrates with a slot-die system we also have the facility to coat via the ‘contact less’ application method. This Curtain-Coating technology is suitable especially for the following applications:

  • Maximum transparency with no striation
  • Low coating weights as low as 3g/m2
  • Coating on porous and heat-sensitive substrates

Both coating technologies are also suitable for UV-curable adhesives based on rubber or acrylics formulations.

On site tests

Product recommendations are tested in our technical service centre and laboratory prior to production trials on the customer’s coater with original substrates under realistic conditions. If required the hot melt adhesive can be modified to get the best production results and to fulfill any new market or end use requirements. Any new raw material technologies that may help to improve the product and application performance are assessed as an on going part of Novamelt’s continuous development policy.