"Freedom®“ System as Integrated Consumer Packaging Solution

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Whether books, cellphones or beverage cans, all products need to be safely and securely packed to protect them during their often long journey to the consumer. Together with Nordson Corporation, Henkel is making a major contribution to ensuring the associated paperboard package is both reliable and economical.

In collaboration with Nordson Corporation, the leading manufacturer of precision dispensers and applicators for the world’s packaging industry, Henkel has developed a new generation of hotmelt processes which will be applied in a broad range of industries.

Freedom® is the first fully enclosed, tankless system to be made available for the end-of-line packaging market:

  • Enables to heat and apply only the amounts of hotmelt adhesive actually required for each seal and seam of the packaging
  • Specifically developed and certified adhesives under the TECHNOMELT brand
  • Compact design and short hotmelt feed distances: the dispenser can be located immediately adjacent to the packaging line where it consumes some 30 percent less energy than conventional facilities
  • The accuracy of the application process avoids char, surplus and thus environmentally harmful waste and also reduces costly packaging line outage for greater production efficiency