O-Ring Fabrication

Henkel: Finding a Better Way
As with any type of industrial repair, the faster O-rings can be replaced, the faster a workplace can return to work. Previous O-ring making systems could be both confusing and time-consuming, but Henkel has made these problems a thing of the past.

The company’s LOCTITE brand Precision Custom O-Ring Fabrication Kits turns industrial O-ring cord stock into precise O-rings that are ready to use in seconds. The kit provides an ideal supplement to existing O-ring inventory to eliminate out-of-stock situations, or can be used as a convenient field repair kit. 

Choose the Size You Need
Henkel’s patented precision O-ring cut and splice tool allows for the measure, cut, and bonding of O-ring cord stock to any required size, using metric or standard measurement. A gold-plated cutting blade ensures clean cuts and longer life. Why stock various O-rings, when it’s now simple and quick to create the size you need?

Applications and Benefits
O-Ring Fabrication Made Easy

With Henkel’s cost-effective O-Ring Cut and Splice Tool, customers create a correctly sized O-ring every time. A digital calliper provides precise measurement down to 0.01 mm resolution. The Tool accommodates cord stock up to 1/4” (7mm) in diameter, and can make O-rings from 1.05” to 4” (26mm to 100mm) in diameter.

Rugged, Reliable Performance
Designed and built for the consistent performance customers have come to expect from Henkel equipment, the company’s LOCTITE Cut and Splice Tool features a cutting fixture that ensures clean, square cuts. Acetal holding clamps provide seamless bonding of the cord stock, while resisting any adhesive build-up.

Equipment You Can Trust

Since 1971, Henkel Corporation has designed, built and integrated high-quality equipment solutions. All Henkel equipment solutions are backed by the best on-site service and technical support in the industry. The most effective solution to any workplace problem is just a phone call away. The company’s experienced technical representatives work with customers to assure optimal product and process performance.

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