Bookbinding / Graphic Arts

Wherever high-performing cost-efficient binding is essential around the world, companies from the bookbinding and graphic arts industry can rely on high-performance adhesives from Henkel. The innovative TECHNOMELT PUR ME COOL product range, for example, delivers first-class quality with lower application temperature and higher working safety for operators. 

Henkel provides tailor-made solutions for its customers, offering all available technologies such as hotmelt, waterbased and polyurethane adhesives for the following application areas:

Hard Cover & Soft Cover Books
Bookbinding quality depends on the right adhesive. Henkel offers a complete range of waterbased, hotmelt and polyurethane adhesives for all types of applications. Amongst others spine gluing, side gluing, head and tail banding, backlining, casing in and add-on/add-in.

Magazines & Catalogues
Henkel’s innovative adhesives for perfectly bound magazines and catalogs offer excellent processing at high speeds, reliable adhesion and cost efficiency.

The high-volume market of directories is mainly driven by high production speeds and cost efficiency. Henkel offers a solution with a perfect fit – the TECHNOMELT COOL range for spine gluing enables fast trimming time for improved production efficiency.

File Making
Henkel provides solutions to match the file-making market’s needs, such as bonding of a variety of dissimilar substrates, like plastic films onto paper and board. Our products deliver enhanced adhesion on plastic substrates and lining papers of files.

Print on demand
The Henkel portfolio also includes a complete digital print range with all required adhesive technologies. Our products have been tried and tested at small binders for many years. The focus here is on the excellent thermal stability and adhesion characteristics that are important for slow machines. Special PUR hotmelts achieve very fast curing and assure best health & safety for operators. Many of our products are recommended by binding machine manufacturers.

Our Brands

AQUENCE Henkel’s AQUENCE is the brand for innovative, sustainable, water-based adhesive solutions. more...

TECHNOMELT Henkel’s TECHNOMELT is the leading choice for hot melt adhesives designed for the best results in our customers’ production processes and finished products. more...

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