Sustainable Hot-Cup Sleeve for Starbucks

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Henkel and LBP were facing the challenge to develop a hot-cup sleeve that protect the hands of Starbucks customers from heat as reliably as the previously used sleeve design while requiring less corrugated paper.

LBP Manufacturing of Chicago, IL (USA), and Henkel have joined forces to develop the new EarthSleeve for Starbucks. Use of the new multifunctional Henkel packaging adhesive reduces the resources needed to produce this new paper hot-cup sleeve by 34 percent.

Such sleeves have traditionally been made by bonding together two layers of corrugated paper. The new EarthSleeve uses thinner layers and thus less material. This has been made possible by the new multi-functional Henkel adhesive which not only bonds the two layers of paper together but provides heat insulation at the same time.


The sustainable EarthSleeve combines the following benefits:

  • Considerable reduction in material usage
  • 85 percent recycled fiber content
  • Decreases the environmental impact resulting from the transport of the lighter hot-cup sleeves
  • Fully compostable

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Multi-functional adhesive reduces resource usage

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