General Services

Services available across different markets.

Customer Training

Henkel ‘s customers benefit from the enormous know-how of the world market leader for adhesives, sealants and surface treatments. In training sessions customers learn about our products in detail and how to apply them correctly.
“What-if-training sessions“ help to solve problems with customized training manuals.
To optimize the benefit from our products we can train you to use our tailor- made equipment in the most efficient way.
Our trainers are always kept up to date and trained to deal with standard day-to-day problems as well as with highly specialized problems.

Analytical Services

We can analyze the complete manufacturing process. In this process we review all parameters needed to create detailed documentation about the test data, material input, process improvements as well as suggestions on how to reduce the failure rate. The result is a tailor-made recommendation on how to reduce production cycle times and rejection rates by applying the appropriate Henkel products.

Lab Testing

Henkel is capable to test in its labs, applications in your process involving components or complete elements of your production process. As a result we are able to give product recommendations for many diverse requirements.

The CompositeLab in Heidelberg is a state of the art unique testing facility where customers and Henkel experts can team up to test their ideas for composite parts and to figure out the perfect production processes to make their ideas ready for market.

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Cooperation with Equipment and Engineering Manufacturers

Close cooperation involving a continuous exchange which result in constant development and innovation. Together with our customers and partners, Henkel has developed products that – if applied with the appropriate machinery – assure reliable and optimal compatibility.

Process optimization

Henkel helps to design simpler and more efficient manufacturing processes.
Henkel is here to help you gain advantages by continuous process optimization.
By analyzing your specific situation we adapt our products to fit your individual requirements.
All of our solutions are designed to satisfy environmental safety criteria and to conform to sustainability requirements.

Systems solutions

Henkel offers a broad range of solutions ranging from the testing of applications by process optimization to the common development of complete systems solutions.

Impregnation Service

LOCTITE Impregnation Service
  1. Unique on-site impregnation
    Temporary installation of a small but customized impregnation service center directly on site.
  2. External Impregnation
    If you do not want a service center on your site, you can still enjoy all the advantages of our sealing solutions from an external impregnation service center located close to your manufacturing plant.

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