Overcoming challenges in the electronics market

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Morey Corporation is a leading electronics manufacturer based near Chicago in the United States. The company supports leading electronic OEMs by delivering electronics design, manufacturing and life cycle solutions to bring innovations to dynamic and demanding markets with rapidly changing technology trends and fluctuating product demand. Therefore Morey trusts in Henkel´s expertise for more than three decades. Together, the two companies develop solutions to the ongoing demand for smaller electronic devices with increased functionality.

Henkel’s teams are involved as early as the design stage, sharing deep industry knowledge and providing insights into material requirements. Morey uses a tailor-made package of 15 solutions from Henkel’s comprehensive portfolio – including the innovative new Loctite GC 10 temperature-stable solder paste. Loctite GC 10 is the first-ever solder paste that can be stored at up to 26.5 degrees Celsius for as long as one year, and at up to 40 degrees Celsius for one month without losing its performance qualities. This cuts energy consumption and reduces waste by eliminating the need to refrigerate the solder paste during transport, storage or application.

Henkel provides deep industry expertise and delivers innovative solutions such as Loctite GC-10 that enable Morey to create more value throughout its processes:

  • Simplification of the supply chain
  • Optimization of performance
  • Driving sustainability

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