Coca-Cola: Achieving more with less resources

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Coca-Cola, the world´s largest beverage company, has opened its first bottling plant in Laos.  For the selection of a reliable adhesive supplier the company makes high demands. The partner has to meet Coca-Cola´s stringent quality standards and also needs a regional footprint to service the diverse needs in Southeast Asia. Further he needs to fulfill a key task of the beverage industry: Achieving more with less resources. Henkel Adhesives Technologies meets all these requirements and develops innovative adhesives that show excellent performance on all containers including plastic bottles, with high wet tack at the highest manufacturing speed, ice water resistance and exceptional heat stability.

Henkel Adhesive Technologies was appointed the preferred adhesive supplier for Coca-Cola’s new plant. Henkel has already been a bottling adhesives supplier for ThaiNampthip, the official bottler of Coca-Cola products in Thailand, for a number of years. In order to gain closer access to its local market, Coca-Cola teamed up with ThaiNampthip to establish its first production plant in Vientiane, Laos. The bottler is familiar with the complex labeling processes and with the technologies and products from Henkel.

Coca-Cola counts on Henkel’s many years of experience across Southeast Asia, which is exemplified by Henkel’s excellent working relationship with ThaiNampthip and benefits from state-of-the-art adhesive solutions:

  • Consistent quality and reliability
  • Ice water resistance 
  • Fast speed of set