In developing Granocoat, Henkel Adheisves Technologies has made a big step forward toward the target of applying pre-coated sheets for automotive bodies.
Granocoat is an organic coating with long-term corrosion protection for steel strip, ready to use as pre-coated sheet for the automotive industry.
Preferably in combination with a chromate-free pretreatment, Granocoat is applied on galvanized sheets in the coil coating process. Granocoat is a functional layer of 2.5- 4.5 µm coating thickness. Sheets coated in this way are protected against corrosion, suitable for spot welding, bondable and conductive, thus enabling subsequent electro-coating.
The application of sheets treated in this way guarantees corrosion protection for inaccessible cavities or flange sections in the automotive construction. Sheets coated with Granocoat are regarded as the basis for extended corrosion warranties. Henkel’s Granocoat products have not only many technical advantages, but also several working hygiene/environment, and economic advantages as well.

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