Repair Innovations for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Steel pipelines are extremely capital intensive – no matter whether they are used to transport gas, water, crude oil, wastewater or any other medium. It therefore pays to continue to operate them as long as possible after the planned amortization and depreciation period. The lifetime of such transport systems thus becomes a critical issue.

Henkel is offering an innovative solution portfolio for the cost-effective repair of steel pipelines. Bilfinger, a leading engineering and services group for the industrial, power, building and facility industry, is using the Henkel solutions to offer maintenance innovations in the oil and gas industry which lead to massive cost savings for customers operating for example one of the worldwide more than 11,000 petrochemical plants or 9,000 offshore platforms.

Henkel has developed the innovative Loctite Composite Repair System for pipes that offers the following advantages:

  • Increased pipe lifetime by up to 20 years
  • Real economic benefits
  • Mitigated process and production interruption

Bilfinger SE

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