Cooperation for baby diapers

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To manufacture disposable baby diapers in an efficient and sustainable manner, the process of bonding nonwovens to plastic films is one of the first steps in the complex production process. Fast processing with operating speed of more than 1,000 m/min combined with high levels of bonding accuracy are the challenges when laminating sheets of up to 8 meters width. Therefore, Henkel teamed up with A.Celli Nonwovens S.p.A., Italy, a major machinery manufacturer in the global Hygiene Disposables Industry, to showcase their technical expertise and provide in-depth information and demonstrations of the lamination and printing processes.

Since the correct adhesive selection and its optimized application is a vital and key success factor in the lamination process, Henkel provides its wide portfolio of adhesive solutions. In addition Henkel contributes with a comprehensive technical customer service which helps to run the process smoothly and precisely. Analytical and laboratory services complete the package for the customer to improve operations.

“We are extremely pleased at the customer feedback and successful outcome of this outstanding cooperation with Henkel, one of our preferred partners.” (Francesco Vergentini, Sales Director of A.Celli)

  • Know-how exchange on specific aspects of lamination such as Corona treatment requirements, web tension, coater head positioning, bonding optimization to increase peel-strength and minimize staining and bleed-through during group workshops with global hygiene manufacturers.
  • Understanding more about the complexities of the lamination and printing processes through hands-on demonstrations and in-depth presentations from experts.