11/11/2013, South East Asia


Launch of Loctite ML-11

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Multi-Purpose Maintain Lube

High-performance industrial and home use maintenance lubricant with flexible nozzle allows application in difficult-to-reach areas; Loctite ML-11 is available in stores across Southeast Asia.

In Southeast Asia, Henkel has launched the ‘Loctite ML-11’ maintenance and lubricant product for multiple uses. The high-performance Loctite ML-11 penetrates through metal assemblies to release rust and seal out moisture which enhances corrosion protection and rust prevention. It also prevents seizure, reduces noise, cleans parts and provides necessary lubrication. The product is suitable for many applications including in home appliances, vehicle parts, garden tools, slide rail, window/door hinge, clothes rack, sport equipment, tools and industrial machinery. Moreover, it is an excellent cleanser for removing rubber, glue, and even lipstick stains. In addition, the ergonomic design enables the product to be sprayed out in a 360-degrees wide range, while the special bendable jet design nozzle enables application in hard-to-reach areas.      

Surachet Tanwongsval, Southeast Asia Head of Henkel’s General Industry Adhesives business unit, Adhesive Technologies, and President of Henkel Thailand, said, “Loctite ML-11, the newest high-performance product under the Loctite brand, has become a leading product for industrial applications. Due to its user friendly and multi-purpose capabilities, it is also growing in popularity among consumers. The product is also CFC free which reduces odor. We are launching this product in six countries in South East Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.”

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