4/29/2013, Düsseldorf / Germany


Henkel in Brussels to present range of adhesives for food-safe packaging

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Henkel to take part in ECR Europe Conference

Henkel’s appearance at the ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) Europe Conference & Marketplace, a consumer goods sector event scheduled for May 14 and 15 in Brussels, will focus on food safety in packaging applications.

Manufacturers and retailers of consumer goods are set to gather in the Belgian capital for discussions on the future trends in the consumer goods industry, including issues relating to safety and sustainability in packaging. Experts from Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business sector will be available at Marketplace Stand 7 to present the company’s latest adhesive developments for packaging.

These include the packaging hotmelt Technomelt Supra 1000, offering improved applicability and reduced consumption, and also the Adhesin Low Migration range of waterbased packaging adhesives which Henkel has managed to formulate without plasticizer while also minimizing the content of other ingredients presenting a possible migration risk.

Henkel, the world’s largest manufacturer of adhesives, is focusing this year on food safety in particular, with the emphasis on promoting an exchange of views and best practice, and expanding collaboration with all its partners along the value chain. Henkel is unique among adhesives manufacturer in having established huge in-house expertise with a centralized analytics, toxicology and product development capability and the backing of a team of specialists to deal with regulatory issues.

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