Baby Diapers

The baby diaper industry is very dynamic. Diapers nowadays are highly functional products that combine comfort and skin friendliness with high absorbency and leakage protection. Over the years, the industry has managed to increase performance while reducing materials. This is well reflected in Henkel’s high performance hotmelt solutions, which enable you to achieve more with less.

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TECHNOMELT Product Range

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Nonwovens topsheet and backsheet

TECHNOMELT adhesives ensure a strong and secure seal between topsheet and backsheet.

  • Excellent bond strength at low coating weights
  • Good running properties
  • Cool technology
  • Outstanding cost in use

Core efficiency and integrity

TECHNOMELT adhesives are used to stabilize the diaper core, offering security in use for varying fluff/SAP ratios.

  • Excellent wet-strength
  • Improved fluid handling
  • Guaranteed discretion

Leg and cuff elastics

TECHNOMELT adhesives provide comfortably fitting and leakage free diapers.

  • Excellent creep resistance
  • Cool technology
  • Excellent cost-in-use

Landing tape

TECHNOMELT adhesives provide a secure bond of the frontal tape to the backsheet.
  • Secure tape attachment
  • Low application temperature available
  • Long open time available

Stretch ear or panels

TECHNOMELT adhesives guarantee a long lasting solid bond of the side panel to the body of the diaper.

  • High shear strength
  • High heat and cold resistance
  • Excellent aging stability
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Olefin Adhesive Systems

Optimized technology benefits:

  • Improved thermal stability versus rubber
  • Excellent adhesion to hygiene substrates
  • Lower density means reduced coating weights of 8 to 15 percent
  • Increased supply security
  • Reduced odor
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TECHNOMELT® DM Adhesive Range

Optimized for all hygiene products:

  • Dedicated production lines in all regions
  • Consistent product quality
  • Worldwide supply chain network
  • Raw material security

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