Acheson GP 460

Acheson™ GP 460™ is an anti-seize lubricant containing high purity graphite in petrolatum. This material is designed to provide long-lasting service over a wide temperature range. It withstands extreme pressure, carries high loads, and reduces friction, galling, and seizing. GP 460 meets the requirements of General Electric specification A50TF201.

Typical Applications:
• Anti-seize lubrication in refinery, chemical, industrial, and steam-generated plants
• Anti-seize lubrication in salt-laden areas
• Anti-seize lubricant for high temperature service on aircraft engine spark plugs, threaded fasteners and fittings

• Splines
• Bolts
• Bushings
• Tractor Links
• Couplings
• Gears
• Seals
• Drag Lines
• Flanges
• Bending
• Press Fits
• Valve Stems
• Studs
• Plugs
• Coining
• Cold Extrusion
• Tappings
• Bearings
• Wire Drawing
• Adjusting Screws

RoHS Compliant Contact Henkel

Product information

IDH# Item Name Size
Case Quantity
Material Safety Data Sheets
1225096 1225096 Acheson™ GP 460™