Freedom Certified Adhesives

Our product family consists of three Freedom-certified adhesives: the ‘Allrounder’ Solution, the ‘Cool’ Solution and the ‘Next Generation’ Solution. Each of these are specifically designed for efficient, high-quality and sustainable application usage to generate a competitive advantage for our customers in the packaging market.

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More safe with Henkel Hotmelt Systems

Employee safety is a crucial topic within industrial gluing processes. Former techniques required manual intervention during the re-filling operations with a risk for employees, handling the material heated up to 170 degrees Celsius...
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Raw Material Supply for Hotmelts
Supply Security

Henkel is offering solutions for availability concerns. Developing adhesives for years, our expertise enables us to create high performing adhesives on an innovative polymer platform. Our aim is to minimize the dependence...
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Efficient Low Temperature Adhesives

Optimizing efficiency is a main aspect within our development of sustainable solutions. With Henkel's Freedom Certified Adhesives you can reduce material consumption by up to 40%, due to the excellent bonding...
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Henkels fast setting Adhesives
Henkel Adhesives
The Freedom Certified Adhesives comply with our strict quality standards and are well suited for optimized system utilization. High flowability, fast melting and a superior bonding strength are the characteristics of all our...
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