New branding architecture

Purbond worldwide known as the partner for PUR adhesives technologies for the engineered wood market belongs already to Henkel AG & Co. KGaA since 2008.

Henkel already began in 2013 to re-group all products under Technology Cluster Brands – each of them representing a cluster of specific technologies and areas of application.

In future, Henkel will be marketing the products known to you by the name of Purbond under the LOCTITE brand. LOCTITE is Henkel’s brand for engineered, high performance solutions using polyurethanes and other reactive systems.

Under the new cluster brand, Purbond products like our PURBOND HB 110 adhesive with its 20-year certification credentials will be renamed in the following way: LOCTITE HB 110 PURBOND.

Please note that we will only be modifying the product naming. There will be no changes to the product composition, chemical formulation or the article codes (Purbond IDH number) of our products.

All approvals and certifications will remain valid, and updates to the Technical Datasheets and Material Safety Datasheets will merely reflect the name change.

For an extensive transitional period both product names, the current and the new, will be included in the relevant documentation.

For more specific information on our New Branding Architecture, please download our brochure, presentation or press information.


New Branding Architecture
Purbond Rebranded as LOCTITE

As part of the new, leaner branding concept adopted by Henkel for its industrial adhesives business, the timber construction adhesives previously known as Purbond are to be marketed under the LOCTITE brand.


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