LOCTITE PURBOND for greater process reliability

I-Joists or I-Beams are used as formwork joists in concrete construction and as rafters or posts in wood construction. Due to the particular process conditions, adhesives in the production of I-joists must meet stringent requirements. The production of an I-joist basically involves three gluing steps:

  • Bottom and top flange finger joints
  • Web-to-web joint
  • Flange-to-web joint

In the specific production process, adhesive application at each individual gluing station (finger joints, web-to-web, flange-to-web) is accomplished either via a needle-valve or a comb system. The use of LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives makes it possible not only to reduce cycle times but also to achieve very high strengths.

Many years of comparison and experience have consistently demonstrated the excellent performance of LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives in this field of application.

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