Milestones in the development of LOCTITE PURBOND Engineered Wood solutions.

Henkel and Purbond have been the market leader in the production of innovative adhesive systems for engineered wood for the last 25 years. Starting in 1988 by introducing the first engineered wood components with PURBOND in Switzerland, Purbond has set an industry standard and achieved international success over the years.

For a more detailed overview of the Purbond chronology, refer to the following milestones:

Henkel re-grouped all products under Technology Cluster Brands – each of them representing a cluster of specific technologies and areas of applications. Purbond products have been grouped under the LOCTITE brand. LOCTITE is Henkel’s brand for engineered, high performance solutions using polyurethanes and other reactive systems.


The woodworking trade journal “Holzkurier” has declared the Henkel adhesive brand Purbond “Timberwork Facilitator” of 2013. Research projects and collaborations that have revolutionized the adhesives industry, combined with fast and high-quality production credentials on which customers can rely, were among the salient reasons cited by the magazine for the accolade.


Purbond garners the “Wilhelm Klauditz Award for Timber Research and Environmental Protection” from the IVTH (international timber engineering association). Together with representatives of the Federal University of Science and Technology (ETH) Zurich and the companies Bayer Material Science and Currenta GmbH, Purbond receives the accolade for the project “Improvement in the Thermal Stability of 1C PUR Adhesives in Structural Timberwork and Industrial Utilization of Results.”


In April 2011Henkel has taken over Purbond at 100 %.
In 2008, Henkel acquired the adhesives business from National Starch, including half of the shares in Purbond. By purchasing the remaining 50% from Collano at the beginning of April 2011, Henkel has now become the sole owner of the PUR adhesives specialist.


PURBOND HB 514 is approved in Japan for structural finger-jointing, Condition C, in accordance with MAFF Notification 1152, dated September 2007.


PURBOND HB S-Line - the new generation - is certified in Germany and Europe.

PURBOND HB E-Line - the first 1 K PUR adhesive - is certified for glulam and structural finger-jointed timber products in USA.

PurTech - Together with the partner Robatech launch of the new application for optimized and safer usage of PURBOND adhesives.


Purbond opens its second production plant in Kleve, Germany.

In April 2008 Henkel takes over the National Starch Adhesives business from Akzo Nobel and therefore, 50 % of Purbond transfers to Henkel. Purbond belongs now with 50 % to Henkel and with 50 % to Collano.


Many years of intensive support by Purbond make it possible to establish new standards for engineered wood construction in Australia/New Zealand and in Japan that no longer exclude one-component polyurethane adhesives.

Purbond successfully tests the PURBOND HB S-Line on the basis of the new Interim Standard AS/NZS 4364 (Int):2007 as well as the existing AS/NZS 4364:1996 for the markets in Australia and New Zealand.


Purbond obtains qualification of the first one-component polyurethane adhesive, PURBOND HB 530, for the manufacture of structural wood components in South Africa. First customers begin to work with PURBOND in South Africa and New Zealand.


Purbond is incorporated as an independent company focusing on the global marketing of adhesives systems for the manufacture of engineered wood components.


Start of concentrated market introduction in Austria and Finland.


PURBOND HB 530 is certified pursuant to DIN 1052 and introduced in Germany for finger-jointing applications.


After extensive testing at the Otto Graf Institut in Stuttgart, PURBOND HB 110 becomes the first one-component polyurethane adhesive to be approved for the fabrication of load-bearing structural wood components pursuant to DIN 1052. The adhesive is introduced in Germany as a lamination and finger-jointing adhesive.


The first engineered wood components in Switzerland are manufactured with PURBOND.


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