Finger Jointing

Finger joints make it possible to manufacture glulam boards and solid timber products of any desired length from short boards or solid timber pieces. The finger joint creates a high-strength longitudinal bond between shorts to yield a high-quality semi-finished timber product that can either be used directly in construction or further processed into engineered wood products such as glued laminated timber, etc.

LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives are the ideal solution for manufacturing finger joints of high strength and durability. Customers have a wide choice of application methods that meet the specific conditions and requirements of their operation. LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives are used for finger joints are high-performance systems that react rapidly and lend themselves to fully-automatic, continuous production under a broad range of manufacturing concepts.

Applications of finger-jointed timber include:

  • Boards for the production of glued laminated beams as well as duo and trio beams
  • SST (finger-jointed solid sawn timber)
  • Flanges in I-joists and formwork joists
  • Finger-jointed components for wood construction (e.g. posts, studs, rafters, and joists)

In the manufacture of finger joints, two fundamentally different application methods can be used:

  • Comb application
  • Contactless application KEBA (KEilzinken Berührungsloser Auftrag)

KEBA was initiated by Purbond and developed in co-operation with application system manufacturers with the aim of offering the user greater precision, cleanliness, flexibility and process reliability in production environments.

Today, KEBA is used in a variety of versions (depending on the manufacturing process), some of which include integrated continuous application monitoring. Application monitoring is based either on an opto-electronic system (camera solution) or on the PSS (Purbond-Safety-System). The PSS currently represents the state of the art in adhesive process monitoring.

The new PSS provides the greatest possible process reliability in finger joint production at the lowest possible expenditure.

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