Face Gluing

Surface gluing refers to the joining of wood pieces and boards either on the broadside or the edge to manufacture multi-layer laminated timber products.

Edge gluing is used among other applications in the manufacture of single-ply panels that are subsequently processed into cross-laminated timber products.

LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives are applied in a suitable application process. After application of the adhesive, the adhesive-coated parts are pressed for a defined period of time in a cold process - no additional energy (heat) is required.

The following products can be manufactured with the surface application process:


  • Glued laminated timber
  • Duo and trio beams
  • Cross beams
  • Cross-laminated timber
  • Special structural elements
  • Log beams


  • Semis for cross-laminated timber
  • Box beams
  • Edge beams
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