Wood the right material - LOCTITE PURBOND the right adhesive

Because all adhesives used in glulam construction are petrochemical-based (derived from petroleum and natural gas), they are not renewable. Achieving a given level of performance with LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives requires smaller quantities than with competing systems, and thus means a saving of these precious resources. LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives contain no VOCs (volatile organic solvents) or water-soluble ingredients that can pollute the environment.

The chief environmental benefit of LOCTITE PURBOND adhesives, however, is that they help promote the use of wood, which is superior to all other materials in terms of sustainability and resource depletion, and open up new potential uses for it in critical applications.

The chemically reactive ingredient in 1C polyurethane adhesives is methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI).

Like all chemicals that readily take part in chemical reactions, this substance demands protective measures when 1C PUR adhesives are used. MDI has the great advantage that its vapor pressure is very low. At ordinary process temperatures, the maximum possible concentration of MDI in the air is so slight that it poses virtually no risk to health.


Extensive workplace measurements with PURBOND adhesives have shown that the level present is less than 1/100 of the required MWC (maximum workplace concentration). Persons especially prone to allergies must, however, take special precautions when working with products containing isocyanates.


Purbond furnishes its partners with ample documentation on the use of LOCTITE PURBOND products and their properties in the cured condition. We also seek to ensure that our customers can use our new and innovative technology in a correct and economical way.

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