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Welcome To Henkel Electronics

A total materials solution provider for semiconductor and electronics assembly

Henkel is the world’s leading and most progressive provider of qualified, materials for semiconductor packaging, printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and advanced soldering solutions.  The breadth of Henkel’s product portfolio delivers cost-effective solutions for any manufacturing challenge.

There are hundreds of different ways in which Henkel electronic adhesives can enhance the quality and efficiency of electronic components.

Adhesives for Electronics: An Industry Leader
Henkel is a major supplier to the electronics industry. Focused solutions backed by industry specific collateral and the best in-class support available have resulted in long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

Henkel is a reliable supplier of a wide range of electronic adhesive products, including:

Electronics News

Henkel PTC Inks Lend New Efficiency, Functionality to Heating Applications

The Electronics Group of Henkel today announced the development and commercial availability of LOCTITE ECI 8000 series printable inks, a line of positive temperature coefficient (PTC) materials ideal for heating applications.

Henkel to acquire The Bergquist Company

Düsseldorf – Henkel signed an agreement to acquire The Bergquist Company, a privately-held leading supplier of thermal-management solutions for the electronics industry worldwide.

New Henkel NCP Material Enables Next-Generation Flip-Chip Devices

Expanding on its market-leading underfill portfolio, The Electronics Group of Henkel has developed a new non-conductive paste (NCP) material, LOCTITE ECCOBOND NCP 5209.