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Temperature Stable Solder Paste Transforming Industry Mindset

LOCTITE GC 10 – the market’s first-ever temperature stable solder paste – offers the unprecedented ability to ship the material via standard shipping and without any cold-packing requirements and can be stored at room temperature – no refrigeration required.
- Mark Currie, Ph. D.

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First-Ever Temperature Stable Solder Paste Unveiled: Major Development in Solder Paste Formulation Set to Change Market Paradigms

Henkel develops a lead-free, zero halogen solder paste that is stable at 26.5° C for one year and at 40° C for one month. While transport and logistics become far less complex and costly, LOCTITE GC 10’s production performance is what truly has manufacturers taking note.
- Ian Wilding

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New Printed Ink Technologies Allow Lower Material Use, New Product Functionality

Henkel’s new inks have been designed with a broad range of electrical conductivity to allow lower ink consumption and increased design flexibility in low VOC formulations.
- Todd Williams
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Personal Identity Verification Made Possible by Advanced Materials

Henkel has developed a comprehensive portfolio of products to address all of the demands of fingerprint sensor manufacture – the fastest growing contact biometrics market.
- Raj Peddi

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Low-Stress Die Attach for High Reliability Smart Cards

Henkel has developed a new die attach formulation designed for exceptionally fast processing and compatibility with the most widely used encapsulants in the market.
- Simon Turvey

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High Performance Conductive Film Technology for Large Die Automotive Applications: MSL and Board-level Exposed Pad Performance

Reliability testing for conductive Die Attach Film (CDAF) technology, specifically on die applications ranging from 1x1 mm2 to 10x10 mm2.
- Andrew Laib, Pukun Zhu, Mario Saliba and Jihong Deng

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Solder Materials Science Gets Small

Solder Materials Science Gets Small as Miniaturization Challenges Old Rules
-Neil Poole, Ph.D. and Brian Toleno, Ph.D.

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Reliability that Sticks: Thermal Adhesive Films Offer Outstanding Performance in Easy-to-Use Format

When considering which thermal management materials are the right products for the task, top-of-mind are usually greases, pastes or pads. Are they always the best solution, though, or just the most well known?
 - Art Ackerman and Jason Brandi
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Lead-free for High-reliability

Lead-free for High-reliability, High-temperature Applications
-Hector Steen, Ph.D. and Brian Toleno, Ph.D.

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Flip-Chip Process Improvements for Low Warpage

Mechanical stress in flip-chip (FC) assemblies
-Robert L. Hubbard, Pierino Zappella, Pukun Zhu

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Epoxy Flux Technology

Epoxy Flux Technology – Tacky Flux with Value Added Benefits
-Bruce Chan, Qing Ji, Mark Currie, Nil Poole, C.T. Tu

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Advancements In Packaging Technology

Advancements In Packaging Technology Driven By Global Market Return
-M. G. Todd

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