2/14/2017, Irvine, CA

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Water Soluble, Tin-Lead Solder Paste from Henkel Enables High-Yield Results for Demanding Applications

Henkel’s market leadership in solder materials development continues with the commercial launch of LOCTITE HF 2W, a tin-lead, water-washable solder paste designed for high-throughput, high-yield production. Halide- and halogen-free and REACH compliant, LOCTITE HF 2W addresses environmental responsibility while delivering outstanding performance for Pb-based soldering.

“Excellent results and process adaptability underpin our latest development initiative,” says Ian Wilding, Henkel Global Technology Director, explaining LOCTITE HF 2W’s manufacturing advantages. “The unique formulation allows a tin-lead solder paste to work seamlessly with lead-free components, which is essential for the reliability of many mission-critical applications.”

LOCTITE HF 2W is available with a standard, tin-lead Sn63 eutectic alloy, as well as Henkel’s proprietary anti-tombstoning 63S4 alloy. The material’s properties allow it to reflow at high temperatures, expanding the reflow process window to facilitate strong intermetallic formation between the tin-lead paste and lead-free and tin-lead components. The result is excellent solderability in air or nitrogen across a broad range of challenging surface finishes including OSP-Cu, ENIG and silver.

The material is suitable for high-speed, fine-pitch printing, with a wide print window and excellent results on components as small as 0201s, keeping defects such as solder bridging to a minimum. In addition, LOCTITE HF 2W flux residues can be cleaned via ultrasonic and spray under immersion cleaning processes as many as seven days post-assembly, providing assembly specialists with maximum flexibility.

LOCTITE HF 2W has been formulated for high-reliability applications such as those found in the medical, hard disk drive, aerospace and defense markets, among others. For more information, visit www.henkel-adhesives.com/electronics. To order a sample of LOCTITE HF 2W for evaluation, call 888.943.6535.