3/1/2017, Irvine, CA

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TECHNOMELT AS 8998 Masking Material Producing Measurable Gains in Efficiency, Cost Control; Recognized with Industry Award

Last month at the IPC APEX Expo event in San Diego, California, Henkel’s TECNOMELT AS 8998 hot melt masking material was presented with a Circuits Assembly NPI award in recognition of its ability to meet several criteria, including: creativity and innovation, compatibility with existing technology, cost-effectiveness, design, expected reliability, flexibility, speed/throughput improvements, performance, user-friendliness, and expected maintainability and reparability. The award capped off what has been a successful first year for TECHNOMELT AS 8998, which was commercialized in early 2016 and has already lowered cost and improved operational efficiency at several global electronics manufacturers.

TECHNOMELT AS 8998 is a peelable mask that provides a highly-efficient alternative to traditional manual masking techniques. Prior to conformal coating processes, certain components and areas of the printed circuit board (PCB) – referred to as “keep-out zones” –require isolation. Historically, this has been achieved by manually taping off the designated areas before coating. With TECHNOMELT AS 8998, however, the entire masking process can be automated. The hot melt material is dispensed in precise volume and pattern where desired, after which it cools and solidifies quickly at room temperature, creating an impenetrable seal over and around keep-out zones. Following coating, the material is easily peeled off, leaving no residue.

“The cost savings TECHNOMELT AS 8998 has already enabled at major global electronics manufacturers is extraordinary,” says Art Ackerman, Market Segment Head, Automotive Electronics at Henkel. “In one case, the company was able to reduce required operators by over 80% and saved as much as $0.50 per PCB. Electronics specialists have embraced the throughput, efficiency and resource savings TECHNOMELT AS 8998 is providing and we are delighted that the NPI Award win illuminates the benefits for the broader marketplace.”

For more information on TECHNOMELT AS 8998 or any of the TECHNOMELT masking and encapsulation materials, visit www.technomelt-simply3.com.