7/27/2016, Irvine, CA

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New Silicone Sealant Technology from Henkel Offers Automotive Module Manufacturers Process Flexibility through Unique Cure Capability

A brand new silicone adhesive sealant technology from Henkel Adhesive Electronics provides both high performance and process flexibility. The new material, BERGQUIST TLB 400 SLT, is a two-part silicone sealant designed for automotive module applications. With an adaptable thermal cure profile that enables full cure at temperatures from 25°C to 180°C, the technologically advanced sealant allows automotive specialists to accommodate various manufacturing protocols.

“The cure profile is adjustable based on individual requirements,” explains Jerry Schmitz, Henkel Product Line Manager for Thermal Materials. “For example, if energy savings is a priority, the material can be fully cured and bonded at room temperature. Alternatively, if speed and throughput are important, BERGQUIST TLB 400 SLT can be cured in minutes at higher temperatures to enable optimal process flow and end-of-line testing. This kind of flexibility simply doesn’t exist with other sealant materials.

”In addition to its cure adaptability, BERGQUIST TLB 400 SLT offers high reliability and material compatibility. Even at room temperature and independent of ambient moisture, once the two parts are mixed, BERGQUIST TLB 400 SLT will seal and bond, creating an environmentally protected enclosure. The adhesion strength of the material to various automotive surfaces including aluminum, steel and plasma-treated plastic is robust and its elongation to break is excellent at 400%. Compatibility with other addition cure products such as Henkel’s GAP FILLER materials enables automotive manufacturers to confidently incorporate BERGQUIST TLB 400 SLT into existing processes and product designs.

Henkel’s BERGQUIST TLB 400 SLT has shown superb performance results with a variety of automotive applications including engine control units, hybrid electric and electric vehicle modules, electronic enclosures and integrated brake control modules, among others. The material exhibits high reliability in the application at high temperature and humidity, and is resistant to degradation from exposure to common automotive fluids.

“With the ability to automate the adhesive sealant process to align with existing equipment sets and procedures, BERGQUIST TLB 400 SLT delivers the flexibility automotive module manufacturers have long desired,” says Schmitz in summary. “We expect this innovation to continue, with other time- and energy-conserving Henkel adhesives and sealants to be released later this year.”

For more information, visit www.henkel-adhesives.com/thermal or call +1-952-835-2322.